New Daihatsu Xenia VVTi

Daihatsu Xenia VVTi
PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) has launched Daihatsu Xenia VVT-I in Shangri La hotel Jakarta, Wednesday (12 / 7). This New Xenia is the result of the previous model development. Daihatsu Xenia latest model is not only have the exterior appearance is more elegant and a more luxurious interior, but also equipped with VVT-i engine that more vigorous and responsive.

Since first launched in early 2004, Daihatsu Xenia have gained a positive response from the Indonesian automotive market is marked with the high level of demand for this product. In 2004 alone, sales reached this Daihatsu model 22,006 units, while in 2005 reached 27,505 units.

ADM factory, located in Sunter - North Jakarta, as one of Toyota's production base outside Japan in the group, produces Daihatsu Xenia VVTi and the Toyota Avanza, which is a product of collaboration Daihatsu and Toyota.

New exterior, more EleganDaihatsu Xenia VVT-i appears with the exterior look fresh and elegant. Impressions are elegant by design grille, bumper, lights front and rear lights are new. In addition, Daihatsu also introduce 2 new colors for Daihatsu Xenia VVT-i, the Aqua Blue and Lime Green.Interior new, more visible EleganPerubahan significant in the interior. Nuance of the two-tone color, a combination of beige and ivory on the seat and dashboard pieces to make Daihatsu Xenia VVT-i is more luxurious feel. Effect of different design can also be seen in its Cluster Meter. In the interior too, there are additional new functionality, where all the seats on the line to be folded-2 full (double-Folding).

VVTi and Catalytic Converter Not only do the new kitchen spur Daihatsu Xenia VVT-i is also equipped with VVT-i system. The addition of VVT-i system to improve the performance of this drive to Xenia to be more forceful with the maximum power is greater, more responsive to the maximum level torsi larger, and make it more efficient fuel.

In addition, the engine Daihatsu Xenia VVT-i also have met waste gas emissions standard Euro 2, equipped with a catalytic converter, which makes it more friendly lingkungan.Xenia VVT-i are two options, engine EJ-VE 1.0 WT-i and K3 -VE 1.3 VVT-i. EJ-VE engine 1.0 VVT-I was the only one with a 1,000 cc engine equipped with VVT-i system in Indonesia.

Variant 1.0 Mi and Xi able to reap energy 57PS on lap 5.200rpm, torsi and able to produce its maximum power 9.2kgm on 3.600rpm. Meanwhile, for Xenia 1.3 Xi, reached its maximum power 86PS on lap 6.000rpm, torsi and reached its maximum 11.9 kgm at 3.200rpm lap. As with earlier versions of Xenia, Daihatsu Xenia VVT-i have 3 types of factory standard, the type Mi (1.000cc Standard), Li (1.000cc deluxe), and Xi (1.300cc deluxe). For dealer option, provided the package optional Plus, Family and Sporty.

source : astraworld